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House Boat


House boat is another concept that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a home. Many tourists and holiday makers are attracted by the charm of staying on a houseboat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel. Both floating restaurant and houseboat are popular vacation options that provide the user a unique experience in peaceful, secluded atmosphere.

In general steel is one of the safest material with its higher yield strength and higher ultimate strength. It is an excellent structural material, being both strong and easily fabricated using readily available technology. The strength and durability are qualities that are naturally associated with the steel. The vessel built in steel hull has the ability withstand a coalition with unforeseen objects and survivability in extreme sea conditions. Steel will bend or stretch on impact, which will allow you to continue on your way, unlike some of the other materials used for similar boats. If designed well, a steel boat will be beautiful, will perform well, will be very comfortable, and will provide the peace of mind on the water.

Steel vessels easily meet the international standards for the structural safety with its ability to withstand higher temperatures as indicated below.