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Eco Master Compost Machine

With 23 years of excellence in Dolphine Marine Lanka, we have invented a compost machine with 6 diferrent sizes for your convenient.

The Eco Master Composter is a state of the art, simple and an eco friendly machine with a high productivity. This high tech machine provides a dual solution by eradicating the garbage menace and at the same time producing high quality compost fertilizer as an end product.

In comparison to the traditional methods of making compost which takes over 3 months, it is not worthy that the specialty of this machine is the ability to make compost within 3 to 4 hours by enhanced bacterial action which is termed as “accelerated composting”.

Following are the detail specifications of the output. [ Click Here for the product brochure ]

Commercial ComposterModel NoCountry of OriginKG / 04 HoursPopulation
Eco MasterCMP-10Sri Lanka1025
Eco MasterCMP-25Sri Lanka2550
Eco MasterCMP-50Sri Lanka5075
Eco MasterCMP-100Sri Lanka100250
Eco MasterCMP-200Sri Lanka300500
Eco MasterCMP-500Sri Lanka5001250
Eco MasterCMP-1000Sri Lanka10002500