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we act fast on designing and planning

Depending on your need.

Dolphin Marine has a large workforce to possess the strength of professional team for designing and planning of our constructing jobs such as boats, barges, steel structures and pressure vessels.

The well experienced engineers are ably assisted by qualified foreman and supervisors in handling the production, operation, repair jobs and maintenance of equipment.


Years of


Competent with new technology.

Our skilled welders are qualified through the National Technical Institutions that provide employable skills through well formulated training programs with highest professional standards. The workshop is fully equipped with the right kind of machinery that facilitates us to handle ship Building and heavy Engineering jobs.

Great Empire & with good passions.

Our main strength is, we are certified in all CLASS specifications for 3G, 4G and 6G welders who are excellent in the steel renewal, fabrication and new bindings. We also have well experienced work force to handle rigging and scaffolding and painting work.



our process.

Process One: Design

The engineering design process, by definition, is a series of steps that engineers use to find a solution to a problem.

Process two: Estimate

Estimating is the process of looking into the future and trying to predict project costs and resource requirements.

Process three: Solutions

A solution is a perfect mixture, where everything is evenly combined. We are experts in giving right solution for the need.